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French Polynesia boasts friendly and helpful staff and natives. And, the culture makes it easy for someone with food sensitivities to enjoy just about anything that they have to offer during mealtime. I hope you get to enjoy this magical place at least once.




French Polynesia taha's island resort Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



Le Taha’a is home to the restaurant, La Plage, where fish resembles art, and foreign names are your new favorite. Don’t be fooled by the small open kitchen as this restaurant aims to please you every day. If you head to French Polynesia for the food, then La Plage should be your number one stop. Fly. Sail. Swim. Add La Plage to your list.

LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA offers three restaurants and two bars which are a lot of offerings compared to any other resort options. Le Vanilla restaurant has the largest assortment of croissants and Danishes during the breakfast buffet. All three restaurants will offer you memorable dishes and will give you a great opportunity to try something new.

With indoor and outdoor bar options that are spread across the resort, asking for a drink is just another easy treat.

Don’t want to leave your room? They will bring you food by canoe and are eager to help you take all the photos and videos you want of your food in transit.

After you try some unique fish courses, if you are still thinking about bread, they offer gluten-free bread and are aware of food sensitivities.


taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant




Coral Garden

The coral garden is a casual snorkeling spot that is available to you anytime while you stay at the resort. Hop in. Jump to the bar. Hop back in. Sea life is waiting for you. You’ll find sharks. But, don’t worry, the large sharks stayed in Bora Bora.

The coral garden will feel like a private snorkeling spot

Taha’a Vanilla Plantation

Taha’a Vanilla Plantation is a MUST DO! You can sail or sign up for an excursion that will include the Vanilla Plantation. The vanilla is reported to be the best quality in the world. You can’t do this activity anywhere else, and if you love Vanilla, then check out the next flight to La Taha’a.

Casual, easy walking. Simple explanations. You MUST take local currency. When you pack, leave room in your suitcase, for once in a lifetime vanilla bean treats.

Canoe Breakfast

Do this at least once in French Polynesia.

You’re going there to relax, right? Then let the canoe come to you.

Videotape the journey from the restaurant to your villa. Your friends will want to watch.


A motu is near La Plage and the Coral Garden, for those meals when you just need a little something extra.

LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA offers several private options.

Tahitian Sky. Milky way. Two words that you just won’t find anywhere else.


Private sailing options are not available at all of the resorts on the islands. If it’s on the list (of course, with crystal clear water), then sailing in La Taha’a will be an amazing day.

You can drop anchor at three different snorkeling spots and enjoy a few surprises. Starfish.

Octopus (at least a small one).

Don’t forget to stop at the Vanilla Plantation.



French Polynesia taha's island resort Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant

If you are headed to French Polynesia for a private pool and beach without the price of island ownership, then this is a great spot.

LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA offers one bedroom villas on the south end of the resort. Sand and turquoise water are waiting outside your door. If you request the farthest one bedroom (theirs only 2), then you have sand on all four sides of your villa, and nobody will bother you.

The water is safe to swim and enjoy, and you may find some smaller sharks. But, they primarily swim under the bungalows at LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA.

Do you search for clear skies with sparkly stars?

You will stare at the sky until the sun comes up and won’t notice.

French Polynesia taha's island resort Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant


While staying at LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA, you don’t need to travel to any other locations as the resort offers enough food and activities to keep you for a few weeks. You can rent a sailboat or catamaran and travel to Bora Bora.

A twelve passenger boat will pick you up from the airport, and you’ll enjoy an easy ride to the resort. Everyone cried on my return boat as LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA is as picture perfect as it seems.


Address: Tahaa Rd, Patio, French Polynesia

Suggested Reservation Contact:

Click below for a current list of activities 

2016 LE TAHAA-ACTIVITIES-ENG Guide d’activités tarifs 2017 EN LISTING ACT 2017 ENG PI






taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



Moorea La Ora understands the value of providing gluten-free options throughout the day, and the knowledge that they present is reassuring. PURE offers a buffet style breakfast to guests every day. PURE has gluten-free bread and rice cakes that pair well with the buffet options. During dinner, a gluten-free menu is available. In addition to the notable gluten-free options, Moore La Ora offers K restaurant five night per week by reservation. Breakfast by canoe is one of the unique cultural experiences you’ll enjoy in French Polynesia. With two bars on the beach with weekly entertainment and two restaurants, Moore La Ora is an outstanding resort to visit with gluten-free options.


taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



Moorea La Ora is a short drive by car from the airport but still secluded enough so you can’t see other properties from the beach.


taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



Moorea reminds me of a small city with one common round road. It’s easy to rent a car, taxi or scooter and enjoy the sights.


Rain or shine. Low season or high season. The activities are remembered for a lifetime.

“Deep Sea Fishing”

This is a great trip for a beginner who wants to catch a few fish and enjoy the big waves. A private boat is available, but the group trip accommodates a small group of 6. Owner, driver, captain, and fisherman is a US native but has been in French Polynesia for over 20 years. If you are dying to ask a few questions about the culture and traditions, he’s a great resource. The driver will pick you up from your resort and take you to the boat. Rain or shine. Seasickness or walking mermaid. You won’t forget this day.

“Dolphin Center”

I have been fortunate enough to experience swimming with dolphins at least a half-dozen times. But, this experience is in my top 2, and the memories won’t fade.

<Spoiler Alert> Do you want to know what happens on this activity? If not, keep scrolling.

Intercontinental Resort and Spa is home to three bottlenose dolphins. You will get the opportunity to swim with one under the water without a trainer. If you are comfortable with a large dolphin, a fast swim, and can hold your breath for about a minute, then I strongly recommend this experience. Photos, videos, stories, and a private show with incredible jumps are just a bonus.

taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



The Lagoonarium is not just another snorkeling adventure. You can reach the Lagoonarium by a short boat ride from Sofitel Moorea La Ora.

If you are afraid of large sharks, then you need to skip this trip. You and your 20 closest friends – and you will be close, will hold onto a line and will swim around the coral. The guide will feed the sharks, and DON’T BLINK because they might just brush up against you in the water to grab the fish. I came back home; maybe you will too?

The mantas are in shallow water and are very playful. Smaller sharks will swim near the mantas.

The guide from the hotel will offer to videotape you from under the water.


If you are visiting French Polynesia to stay in an overwater bungalow and snorkel on site, then this is the spot to do it.

If you want a guided tour, Sofitel Moorea La Ora offers a snorkeling tour on site with Sea Bobs that enable you to dive deep and get close to the fish. Don’t forget your camera.


The spa faces the water, and the therapists will take you on a three-hour journey to a blissful sleep and return you rested for another unforgettable day. This is my favorite spa in French Polynesia.


taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



Address: BP 28, Moorea, Maharepa 98728, French Polynesia

Phone Number: +689 40 55 12 12

Suggested Reservation Contact:


Click below for a current list of activities 

Guide d’activités tarifs 2017 EN





taha'a island resort French Polynesia Island Resort and Spa Gluten Free restaurant



Bora Bora Private Island lies on a small motu secluded from other resorts and feels like a private sanctuary. Manu Tuki restaurant overlooks the water and offers three meals per day. This restaurant not only has gluten-free bread but remembers guest preferences throughout your stay. Dinner can be served outside on the sand during a few nights per week.

If you’re the type who needs a new menu each day, then other resorts are a short water taxi away.



If you want to feel secluded from the rest of the world but don’t want to pay the price of a private island, then the Luxury Villa will be a great treat. The deck is completely private, and you have access to a beach below a long trail of steps. It’s the last unit in the back of the property, and your only guest will be a family of lizard’s.



A water taxi will pick you up from the airport, and water taxies are easily available to access other resorts. You’ll find a short road on Bora Bora, but a water taxi is the primary form of transportation.



Eco Tour

The Eco Tour is one of the water activities that is offered at the activities desk. Don’t let the broad name turn you away. This is an unforgettable day. Once again, you must love sharks (just the tiny ones), and large mantas. The sharks will circle the boat – just like on television. But, they don’t want you, just the fish from the boat. Oh, and the mantas. They are huge!

Pure Snorkeling

The pure snorkeling tour takes you to shallow water and high coral with some of the clearest water you’ll see while snorkeling in French Polynesia. This tour was my first encounter with an octopus and wasn’t my last experience. If you want to brave the deep water, the guide will take you to see large sea animals.


Near Bora Bora Private Island, you’ll find the “Aquarium” which is one of the most popular snorkeling areas in Bora Bora. If you stay at the resort, you can swim there every morning. If you were born to snorkel, then this is a must do.

Most activities can be reserved with a private boat or a small group of 6 people.


Address: BP 516, Nunu’e 98730, French Polynesia

Phone number: +689 40 60 56 00

Suggested Reservation Contact:


Click Below for the current activities 






During low season, you can plan most to all of your excursions when you arrive. I over planned excursions which made it difficult to accommodate activities that the resorts were offering that are not standard and possibly unique for the time of year and weather. But, during high season, I would recommend reserving some of your must do’s ahead of time.



French Polynesia is amazing. However, you will want something to look at or read when the Wi-Fi fails, and CNN is the only channel you can watch.

The airports have minimal literature options in French. Pack your own mag’s and don’t rely on your tablet to bring you the best picture.



How many times are you going to French Polynesia in a lifetime? We all hope to go at least once. You don’t want to leave with any regrets.

So what that the water is dark and the animal that they are pointing at is larger than your car. So what that 16 sharks are circling the boat.

If you are scared- just remember that this may be the only time you get to overcome your fear, and you may have the best moment of your life.

I met my first and second octopus in French Polynesia, and while at the time, I wished he was weak and had something else to do besides meet me, I have a great story to tell – forever. To continue this conversation, please email me at [email protected]



I consistently find Costco to be very thorough while assisting with travel arrangements, cost effective and offer the most options. Costco is my first resource for discounted, but yet, unforgettable travel arrangements.



You don’t need a lot of foreign currency in French Polynesia. You will spend most or all of your time at the resort and can pay your dues with a credit card at the time of departure. In Moorea, if you choose to visit other resorts, you can still charge everything to the room at YOUR resort or pay with a credit card. When you land at the airport, a boat will transfer you to your resort. Again, I recommend Costo Travel, because they automatically assist with boat transfers.



So many of the snorkeling spots have shallow water and high coral making it difficult to avoid the coral. Remaining horizontal in the water will assist in injuries to both you and the coral. If possible, stay close to the boat, so if you are fatigued, you can jump in and avoid standing in the water. You don’t want to leave Tahiti with deep cuts and scratches that will take months to heal. Trust me.



For most of us, this is a once in a lifetime trip. This is NOT, and I repeat, NOT, the time to learn how to snorkel. Learn before you go. Practice in your apartment swimming pool or the gym. It’s worth your time.

Go find your next adventure.


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