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So – I finally cleaned out my freezer. Guess what I found??

It’s sort of embarrassing.

Well, ok, here it goes.

I found about 20 pounds of frozen strawberries.

The funny thing is – I thought that I was out of strawberries. Strawberries were on the grocery list this week.

So – I decided that strawberry banana ice cream would be my first gluten-free and vegan ice cream on Chew This Up.

And, I made so much strawberry and banana ice cream that I needed to use it as an ingredient in another recipe.

I’m loving my new Peanut Butter And Jelly Smoothie Recipe. I used this Strawberry Banana Ice Cream as the main ingredient. So, you MUST, and I repeat MUST, make my new PBJ Smoothie, if you make this ice cream.

Together – they are the winning strawberry combo for the month of August.

That’s the latest.

This homemade strawberry and banana ice cream is made with only five ingredients.

Ok, you need to do THREE things correctly to ensure this strawberry banana ice cream is PERFECT.

One. You MUST buy full-fat coconut milk. Please do not buy “lite” coconut milk.

Two. You MUST chill the coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight so the fat rises to the top and is thick. You need to be able to “scoop” out the fat. If you open the can, and you see liquid, then the fat did not rise to the top.

Three. You MUST whip the fat in the mixer for about 3-4 minutes. If you only whip for 30 seconds, until white peaks form, your ice cream will be thin. You want scoop-able thick ice cream.

This strawberry and banana ice cream is vegan and made with coconut fat, strawberries, bananas, maple syrup, and a dash of salt.

This homemade strawberry banana ice cream recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, icy cold, and the perfect way to survive the heat in the Summer.

Strawberry banana ice cream is very allergy friendly and the perfect vegan dessert for the Summer

Please shoot me an email if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

If you make homemade strawberry and banana ice cream, please snap a photo, use #chewthisup and tag me on Instagram.


Strawberry Banana Ice Cream (dairy-free)

  • Author: Lorally
  • Yield: 1 1/2 Qt. 1x
  • Category: Ice Cream
  • Method: Freeze
  • Cuisine: Dessert


2 cans full-fat coconut milk, chilled

3 cups sliced frozen strawberries

1 large banana, sliced and frozen, (about 1 cup frozen banana slices)

½ cup maple syrup

teaspoon sea salt


Chill coconut milk cans in the refrigerator overnight or freeze and allow the cans to thaw in the refrigerator.

Chill mixing bowl in the refrigerator or freezer until cold, about 10 minutes. Prepare standing mixer, and remove coconut milk from the refrigerator.

Scoop out the fat from the cans and place in the mixing bowl.

Whip fat in the mixer, gradually increasing the speed from low to medium, until white peaks form and creamy, about 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Add sliced frozen strawberries, frozen banana slices, maple syrup, and sea salt to the mixer.

Mix on low and gradually increase the speed to medium-high, until thoroughly combined, smooth and creamy, about 7-8 minutes. Transfer to an ice cream container, freezer safe container, or loaf pan lined with parchment paper. If using a loaf pan, cover with plastic wrap and then foil. Freeze ice cream for at least four hours.


Kitchen Tools: Stand Mixer, Ice Cream Container or Loaf Pan

This recipe was only tested with a stand mixer.

The coconut milk will not whip and become creamy unless you chill and/or freeze the cans overnight. I prefer to freeze the cans and allow the can to thaw during the day to ensure the fat rises to the top and is “scoopable.” You should be able to scoop out about 4-6 ounces of fat from each can.

Purchase full-fat coconut milk. The coconut milk labeled “lite” will not whip.

Hi, I’m Lorally! I love pasta, pizza, and Dr. Pepper. Did you make a recipe? Tag @chewthisup and use #chewthisup on Instagram. Or, email me at [email protected]. I want to hear from you. 

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