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Jersey Mike’s® Subs offers a lot of gluten-free options. You can order most of the items on a gluten-free roll or in a tub.

And, I think Jersey Mike’s gluten free bread tastes delicious.

Do you see your favorite sub on the list?



Jersey Mikes Gluten Free Menu


Cold Subs

Chicken Club (in a tub)

BLT (tub, gluten-free roll, tub with mayo, gluten-free roll with mayo)

Club Sub (tub with mayo, gluten-free roll with mayo)

Club Supreme (tub with mayo, gluten-free roll with mayo)

California Club (tub, gluten-free roll)

California Dreamin (tub, gluten-free roll)

Chicken Salad (tub, gluten-free roll)

Chipotle Turkey (tub, gluten-free roll)

Tuna (tub, gluten-free roll)

Jersey Shore (tub, gluten-free roll)

American Classic (tub, gluten-free roll)

The Number Four (tub, gluten-free roll)

Supersub (tub, gluten-free roll)

Roast Beef And Provolone (tub, gluten-free roll)

Turkey Breast And Provolone (tub, gluten-free roll)

Stickball Special (tub, gluten-free roll)

Cancro Special (tub, gluten-free roll)

Original Italian (tub, gluten-free roll)

Veggie (tub, gluten-free roll)


Hot Subs

Chicken Pilly (tub, gluten-free roll)

Steak Philly (tub, gluten-free roll)

Grilled Chicken Parmesan (tub, gluten-free roll)

BBQ Beef (tub, gluten-free roll)

Reuben(tub, gluten-free roll)

Chipotle Chicken (tub, gluten-free roll)

Chipotle Steak (tub, gluten-free roll)

Big Kahuna (tub, gluten-free roll)

Chicken Big Kahuna (tub, gluten-free roll)

Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak (tub, gluten-free roll)

Buffalo Steak Cheesecake (tub, gluten-free roll)

California Cheesesteak (tub, gluten-free roll)

California Chicken Cheesesteak (tub, gluten-free roll)

Chika-Phila-Roni (tub, gluten-free roll)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak (tub, gluten-free roll)

Pastrami And Swiss (tub, gluten-free roll)

Sausage (tub, gluten-free roll)

Steak Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak (tub, gluten-free roll)

Grilled Chicken (tub, gluten-free roll)



Turkey with honey mustard sauce


Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwiches

Pork roll, egg, cheese (gluten-free roll)

Bacon, roll, egg, cheese (gluten-free roll)

Sausage, roll, egg, cheese (gluten-free roll)

Ham, roll, egg, cheese (gluten-free roll)

Steak, roll, egg, cheese (gluten-free roll)

Omelet with ham (gluten-free roll)

Omelet with bacon (gluten-free roll)

Omelet with ham and bacon (gluten-free roll)

Egg cheese (gluten-free roll)

Pork roll, cheese (gluten-free roll)

Turkey, egg, cheese (gluten-free roll)



Chef Salad

Chef Salad (without dressing)

Feta Salad

Feta Salad with chicken

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Gorgonzola Salad

Gorgonzola Salad with chicken

Mike’s Salad

Mike’s Salad with chicken

Tossed Salad (without dressing)

Tuna Salad (no dressing)



Greek honey vanilla yogurt parfait



The dressings are gluten-free EXCEPT Italian Family Recipe Packet


*All cheese and condiments are gluten-free


Nima Sensor Tested Menu Items

Steak Philly with a gluten-free roll 

Jersey Mike's gluten free menu offers a lot of options.

Have you tried anything on Jersey Mike’s gluten free menu?


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