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Hotville Chicken and Chops has arrived in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Check out Hotville Chicken and Chops Cali Mild

(ordered without bread (gluten-free))

Hotville Chicken and Chops offers four types of gluten-free wings and tenders

  • West Coast Plain 
  • Cali Mild
  • Music City Medium 
  • The Ville Hot

Let’s Look At The Menu

Hotville Chicken is my new favorite spot for gluten-free chicken in Downtown Los Angeles. The hospitality and customer service is outstanding. The chicken is juicy and seasoned to perfection. It doesn’t need a dip in a sauce. 


Cool Aid @ Hotville Chicken

You will find parking meters in the neighborhood. If you live in Downtown Los Angeles, then a quick lyft to Hotville Chicken and Chops might just be what you’re looking for on a fun Saturday. 

Hotville Chicken is expanding their hours in the next few months, and the location may change. Follow Chew This Up for the updated hours and location. 

Origins of Hot Chicken

If you want to read about the origins of hot chicken, then check out The Hot Chicken Cookbook by Timothy Charles Davis. The Hot Chicken Cookbook has inspired chefs and foodies around the world. You can find it here on Amazon

Chapter One has a revenge story that you won’t forget anytime soon. 

Have you found your favorite gluten-free hot chicken? 

Time to eat again. 

Lorally L.

Hotville Chicken and Chops Contact Information 


643 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012




Effective July 1 – Saturdays 12:00-9:00 PM 

Check Back for Updated Hours


Map and Directions 

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