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Before our time, pancakes were the “cereal food,” and in today’s time, gluten-free pancakes are no exception. With dozens of international variations, it’s no surprise that pancakes have taken on a new culture of their own.

When I finally make it to China, I’ll try – Pancakes made from water, oil, and flour with a side of duck and hot sauce. Have you found any unique variations that you love?

Pancakes day is associated with Shrove Tuesday and today is, yes, Tuesday. Find your favorite pancakes, and tell me about your experience.


Santa Monica

Blue Daisy Café – 609 Broadway, Santa Monica 90403


Blue Daisy offers two gluten-free pancakes daily from 8-4 p.m. Both made with water which creates the best option in Santa Monica for those with a milk allergy. The blueberry pancakes are served as a full stack or half order, and both are bursting with blueberries from the inside out. Blue Daisy prepares a fluffy pancake with Crème Fraiche and berry sauce accompaniments. Perfect breakfast for a child who’s known to be a “picky eater” with a milk allergy. Early arrival on weekends recommended.



Super Food Café – 530 Wilshire Boulevard 90401

Superfood café created a plate of three gluten-free pancakes moist enough to make you skip the organic maple syrup. The pancakes are served with blueberries, sliced strawberries, and bananas. These pancakes are made with vegan butter and almond milk making them the best nondairy option in Santa Monica. Super Food Café offers a quiet environment and plenty of street parking.



West Hollywood

Hugo’s Restaurant – 8401 Santa Monica Boulevard 90069

Hugo’s = heaven, for a gluten-free customer!

During holidays, you can find the spiced pancake with smooth sweet potatoes, cinnamon cloves, and vanilla. Paired with spice syrup, these are sure to keep you warm in the winter.

Everyday customers will see four options for gluten-free pancakes: blueberry, almond energy, chocolate chip, and potato. The chocolate chip and almond energy pancakes are made with rice milk and butter.

A public parking garage and a large parking lot behind the restaurant make Hugo’s an easy stop on the weekends. The waiters at Hugo’s are knowledgeable and have answers to all of your questions.



Los Angeles

John O’ Groats – 10516 West Pico Boulevard 90064


John O’ Groats is your friendly neighborhood restaurant where the owner knows the repeating customers by name and offers the most gluten-free pancake options in West Los Angeles. Do you want to try a flavorful spin on the buttermilk pancake? John O’ Groats offers a half or a full stack of gluten-free lemon, applesauce, mango macadamia, and chocolate chip pancakes. The potato pancakes are made from mashed potatoes, and they are addicting! They even have warm gluten-free biscuits.





Marina Del Rey

Café Buna – 3105 Washington Boulevard 90292


Are you an early riser on the West Side? Café Buna serves gluten-free pancakes with fruit or chocolate piled high at 6 a.m. every day! Single or stakes available to accommodate everyone’s desires. Special griddle in the back of the house to assist with preventing cross contamination. The friendly staff is happy to offer gluten-free syrup anytime.

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