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Assuming you have teeth, you have probably tried bbq sauce. 

Who wouldn’t enjoy a blend of tomato paste, mayonnaise, and vinegar?

I know – those sound like essential ingredients and primary condiments. So, where is the gluten? 

Some bbq sauces have soy sauce which provides bbq sauce with a dark color. And, many bbq sauces are not gluten-free because the soy sauce has gluten. Period. 

After researching dozens of brands, I made a list of common ingredients in bottled bbq sauces that may contain gluten. You should consider avoiding bbq sauces with either: flour, enriched flour, malt flavoring, modified food starch, semolina, durum, and farina. 

If you find a new favorite gluten free bbq sauce, please let us know. 

I hope this gluten free bbq sauce list helps you purchase gluten free condiments. 

The Gluten Free BBQ Sauce List And Is Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce Gluten Free?
Schlotterbeck & Foss
Schlotterbeck & Foss – Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce
The seasonings and spices in the dressings, marinades, mustards, and grilling sauces are all natural. And, they have been in business for over 150 years. You can find Schlotterbeck and Foss products at Whole Foods across 13 states, other retail shops in 9 different states, and specialty food stores in New England. 
The Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce is naturally gluten-free, based on southern tradition, made with sweet molasses, mustard, onions, and tomatoes, and pairs well with pork, salmon, and bbq ribs. 
Follow Your Heart  
Follow Your Heart – Barbecue Vegenaise Gourmet (gluten-free, vegan) 
Follow Your Heart is a very allergy friendly line. They offer numerous vegan, organic, gluten-free, soy free, and kosher products. They are highly known for their egg-free sandwich spread, melting vegan cheese, and plant-based whole egg replacer.
Barbecue Vegenaise® Gourmet is made with canola oil, tomato paste, cane juice, and aged balsamic vinegar. It’s free from dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, sulfites, soy, sesame, peanuts, and tree nuts. It’s Non-GMO and cholesterol free. It does contain mustard. 
Annies Homegrown
Annies mission is to create organic products and sustain a socially conscious business. Annies Original Organic BBQ Sauce is certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO project verified, and made without artificial flavors and colors. 
Have you tried any of these gluten-free bbq sauce flavors? 

Stubbs BBQ

Stubbs BBQ sauces, marinades, and rubs are made with quality gluten-free products, and without high fructose corn syrup. All of the bbq sauces are gluten-free, but I listed them here for your reference, and easy purchasing through Amazon. (Stubbs BBQ – Original, Stubbs BBQ – Sticky Sweet, Stubbs BBQ – Spicy, Stubbs BBQ – Sweet Heat, Stubbs BBQ – Hickory Bourbon, Stubbs BBQ – Honey Pecan, Stubbs BBQ – Dr. Pepper, Stubbs BBQ – Sweet Honey And Spices, Stubbs BBQ – Smokey Mesquite)

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce gluten free? 
Everyone seem’s to be asking if Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce is gluten-free.
I found that some of the bbq sauce bottles are labeled gluten-free. The controversy seems to be coming from the modified food starch on the ingredient label. Since the company doesn’t tell us where the modified food starch is made, it’s difficult to draw a conclusion. Modified food starch is made from corn, wheat, tapioca, and potatoes. In the United States, most modified food starch is made from corn and potatoes.  
I used the Nima Gluten Sensor to test Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce. And, the test resulted in an invalid test. Nima tests samples of food for gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Nima is not able to test for hydrolyzed gluten or gluten in fermented foods. Also, corn, rice, and oats do not contain the same gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye that people with Celiac or gluten sensitivities react to, so Nima doesn’t search for corn, rice, and oats in samples of food.  
It’s possible that the modified food starch in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce is made from corn and not wheat. 
These are the bbq sauces that are labeled gluten-free. 
Sweet Baby Ray’s® Hawaiian Style Barbecue Sauce 
Sweet Baby Ray’s® Maple Barbecue Sauce 
Sweet Baby Ray’s® Honey Barbecue Sauce 
Sweet Baby Ray’s® Sweet Vidalia Onion Barbecue Sauce 

Creating a homemade gluten free bbq sauce is on my list for 2018. You may enjoy these recipes from other recipe developers: 

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