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I enjoy taking my Boston to North Italia in El Segundo. It’s the perfect day of food, shopping, and grass scratching. First, the waiters are attentive and engaging. My friend was/is looking for a new guy. I still don’t know if that’s past or present tense. But, the waiter was eye candy, and she didn’t need any dessert. So, I had to eat two gluten-free desserts myself. How dare she!



Anyways, the gluten-free pizza is handmade daily. And, the gluten-free pasta is delicious. What else do you need for a sunny Sunday?



North Italia is a great place in Los Angeles for gluten-free entertainment. They have large spaces for office parties, Christmas parties, or your next gluten-free birthday party. In West Los Angeles, North Italia is located between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica on 2nd Street. In El Segundo, you’ll find North Italia inside “The Point” shopping center. Consider a reservation for weeknights and weekends.


More Allergy Friendly Ideas At North Italia




Suggested Food Allergy Options

  • All the gluten-free pizzas can be made without dairy (yum!)
  • All the pasta dishes on the menu can be made gluten and dairy free except the meatballs (wow, that’s a lot) 
  • All the salads can be modified to accommodate gluten and dairy free allergies and preferences 
  • Two desserts are gluten-free (wear stretchy pants) 


North Italia 

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